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Lanc?me bridal look by Lisa Eldridge

Bridal makeup is as exciting as it is challenging, so to help you decide what you want Lisa has designed a beautifully bohemian bridal makeup look.

This article is all about makeup but skincare is also vitally important, so at least two months before your wedding start looking after your skin; cleansing properly, using masks and serums and protecting your skin from the sun with a good SPF. For more information, see our article on skincare heroes.

Bohemian Bridal Make-up Look: Step by Step

  1. Start by using the Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation. This is a great product especially if your wedding is in the morning and you know it has to stay on until the evening. Buff this on onto your skin for a natural look. Top tip: Come to your nearest Lanc?me counter for your perfect shade match.
  2. Use some long lasting concealer and apply that underneath your eyes and work it in really well. Apply to any shadowy areas or anywhere you want to highlight – just make sure it’s really well buffed at the edges. It also works really well on blemishes or red patches.
  3. Next use a highlighter and apply this just to the tops of the cheekbones and blend well, make sure it’s really seamless with the foundation.
  4. Apply a very light but matte eye shadow all over lids (such as Ombre Hypnose Mono in Beige Nu).
  5. Your brows are very important on your wedding day - you want them to look really polished. Fill in any gaps using an eyebrow pencil and then give them a good comb so that the pencil blends in really well and they look natural.
  6. Teint Idole foundation does have a velvety matte finish, so how much powder you use depends really on your skin type. If you’re very oily you should powder all over, if your skin is a little bit more combination or more normal to dry, then just powder either where you have concealed or the center of the face. You can always add a little bit more powder later if you need to.
  7. For eye shadow, use natural tones which enhance but give definition, so it won’t be over powering but it’s very important that you have well defined eyes for the photography. In this look we used the Hypnose Palette in Taupe au Naturel. Start by smoothing on a very natural looking shade and then increase that into the socket line with a darker shade and then just keep blending.
  8. Now I’m using the darkest shade from the eye palette with a damp brush and I’m going to use this as eyeliner. Sweep along in between the lashes, to build definition and to give you a wide-eyed look.
  9. Use the same brush just along the lower lash line, just working into the lashes, particularly at the outer edge and then blend well.
  10. Next I’m going to use one of the light shades from the palette – the lightest shade, just at the inner corner to highlight and then the sparkling shade, which is a sort of shimmery transparent shade which I’m just going to apply on to the brow bone, this is very subtle, you don’t want it to be too shimmery but just bring a touch of light. Finally add a little bit of rose pink, just into the center of the eyelid.
  11. For mascara, use waterproof for a wedding because you might get emotional and you don’t want it to be flaking and streaming down your face. Put plenty on right down to the roots, as this will again really open the eyes and make your eyes look great for photographs.
  12. Starting on lips, use a lip pencil first all over the lips, following the natural shape and then create a good stain of colour, to help the lipstick to last longer. Now do a little bit of shaping; really buffing around the edge, which will not only help the lipstick to stay on longer, it will also help the line to look more natural.
  13. Over the top of the pencil, apply a natural shade of lipstick (we used L’Absolue Rouge in Beige Mirage) and work it into the lips, again using the brush and working in thin layers will help it to last.
  14. Blot the lips, blot again and apply another layer of lipstick, again really working it in.
  15. Apply blush really softly, in lots of light circular movements, blending those edges.

So that’s your morning! You’ve just been married now we’re going to show you two little things that we can change about this makeup to take it through to the evening.

  1. Add some black Artliner to your day eye makeup. This liquid liner is very long lasting, so this is going to be perfect for all the dancing you’re going to be doing at the reception. Thicken it up a bit as well – it will add a little bit more drama for the evening.
  2. As a playful last touch, shake a Juicy Shaker! This will give our lips a little bit more colour intensity and a little bit more shine

It’s a good idea to take couple of things in your handbag with you to the evening reception. Pack your bag with whichever powder you’re using, some concealer and your Juicy Shaker for touch ups. And now you’re ready for the party!

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